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Good News! Jiaxuan Logistics was awarded as the "Excellent Supplier" of Fujian Benz in 2022

Publish time: 2023-09-28  /  View: 400 times
Congratulations to Shanghai Jiaxuan Logistics Co., Ltd. for being awarded the "Excellent Supplier" of Fujian Benz in 2022. Jiaxuan Logistics won this honor for the third time.
As one of the logistics service providers of Fujian Benz, Jiaxuan Logistics has always been customer-centric and committed to providing quality services. During the years of cooperation between the two parties, Jiaxuan Logistics has not only delivered satisfactory results in logistics operations for its clients, but also achieved significant results in optimizing warehousing and reducing costs.



This award of "Excellent Supplier" by Fujian Benz is not only a recognition of Jiaxuan Logistics by Fujian Benz, but also an encouragement and motivation for the future development of Jiaxuan Logistics. Jiaxuan Logistics will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "customer first, service first", continuously improve service quality and operational level, and provide better services to more customers.