Social Responsibility

Actively promote social welfare and fulfill social responsibilities
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Adhering to the corporate vision and core values, Jiaxuan Logistics continues to invest on and bear more social responsibilities, and help the implementation of sustainable development strategies. Jiaxuan Logistics dedicates its love with specific actions, constantly creates opportunities for employees, creates profits for customers wholeheartedly, and continues to create value for the society.


Sustainable Development

Jiaxuan Logistics values the harmonious development of economy, society, ecological environment and logistics greatly. Adhering to the corporate vision of “continuously improving energy conservation and efficiency in supply chain”, it continues to advance into smart logistics and green logistics, realizing continuous value creation.

Economy: Oriented by sustainable development, and in order to open up the supply chain ecosystem of the upstream and downstream of the automobile industry chain, we actively innovate, conduct in-depth practice, and improve the service level with new technologies and new equipment; with intelligence and data, we provide innovative logistics solutions, continuously create value for customers, and assist the upgrade and iteration of the supply chain of China’s auto industry by logistics.

Society: Adhering to the corporate vision and core values, we actively practice social responsibilities, facilitate the implementation of sustainable development strategies, dedicate our corporate love with specific actions, promote public welfare with gratitude, and move forward with commitment and love.

Ecological environment: Green, intelligence, high-efficiency, and the sustainable development of automobile logistics with digital intelligence are important parts of our management. By taking active measures to protect the ecological environment, we will jointly create a good social atmosphere for the whole society of being transforming into a low-carbon and green environment and achieving the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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